Monday, January 26, 2009

Andy Pettitte Gets a One Year Deal

So, our long national nightmare is over. Andy Pettitte has signed a one year deal worth a guaranteed $5.5 million and worth up to $12 million in incentives.

This is another off-season victory for the Yankees as far as I'm concerned. Pettitte, who thought he could pull down a guaranteed $16 million is taking a HUGE pay cut. It's clear he was humbled. Andy said that he wanted to play for the Yankees or no one and he buckled. This off-season has been more than incredibly successful for the Yankees.

They filled their pitching rotation voids with the two best pitchers on the market, patched potential holes left in the offense, and now have solidified their number four spot with someone who is more than capable of doing that job. This also allows Phil Hughes to get some polish and confidence down at AAA. Besides, with fifth starter Joba Chamberlain on an innings limit--around 140-150--Hughes, along with Ian Patrick Kennedy and Alfredo Aceves, will get plenty of opportunities to start for the big ball club in the New Big Ballpark in the Bronx.

This leaves the rotation as:
1. CC Sabathia
2. Chien Ming Wang
3. AJ Burnett
4. Andy Pettitte
5. Joba Chamberlain

That rotation is as strong as any in all of baseball. With an offense that has a potential to score a ton of runs, the Yankees could be looking at a 95-100 win season.

Now, the only thing left the Yankees have to do is get a middle infielder for the bench and maybe get a third catcher. When those two things are the only ones left on your off-season docket, you know you've got a strong team going forward into the season. LET'S GO YANKEES!

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Rob Abruzzese said...

Any idea on who the Yankees could get to catch. I wouldn't think it's so smart to sign Pudge. He's going to expect to play everyday reguardless of Posada's health. He's also going to cost a lot more than his bat is worth these days.