Friday, August 29, 2008

Game 134 Thoughts.

Well, the Yankees won 2-1, they got great pitching all night--Carl Pavano was impressive and Mo was vintage Mo. Anyway, here are some other thoughts I had whilst watching from my GF's couch...

In A-Rod's first at bat, the second pitch specifically, he expanded the zone like crazy and went fishing for a pitch. He's been doing this a lot this month--hence the struggles--but it's really starting to show. Xavier Nady seems to be doing the same thing. His swing is flying open on the outside pitch and he's whiffing on it. He's also swinging his absolute hardest on just about every swing. It's nice that he's not getting cheated, but it seems to be leading to a few more strikeouts than necessary. On a related note, when Mr. Rodriguez has been making contact with outside pitches, he seems to have been doing one of two things: either rolling his hands over and grouning out (ten double plys this month) or getting just under it and fouling it back to the screen. Alex clearly has power to the right side--to all sides for that matter--but is getting caught up in trying to pull the ball--doubles to the RC gap count just as much those to Death Valley.

I thought we were gonna have the first test of instant replay on Johnny Damon's fly ball to right, but alas, it endedup being a fairly simple call.

Snider for Toronto got his first ML hit--congrats to him and I hope he has a long, successful career--just so long as he doesn't get anymore hits against the Yankees ;-)

AJ Burnett owns Jason Giambi and Alexis Rios looks like Nosferatu.

That's it for tonight, great game for the Yankees--let's hope they can do it about 20 more times and get into the playoffs.

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